( 352) 735-3142

Human Resources

Dayami Valdespino

Human Resources Director
Phone: (352) 735-3142 Ext. 122

Keitha Hatcher

Administrative Assistant
Phone: (352) 735-3142 Ext. 123

Ministry Overview

The Human Resources Office is the newest department at the Southeastern Conference headquarters of Seventh-day Adventists.  It was officially established in September 2010 by action of the Conference Executive Committee. Its mission is to provide excellence in HR leadership by:

  • Supporting and giving guidance to administration, employees, and constituents regarding employment and benefits issues in accordance with denominational, state, and federal polices, regulations, and laws.

  • Nurturing a Christian work ethic that inspires excellence in each team member by encouraging stewardship of time and talent.

  • Fostering a positive work environment that consistently promotes high productivity through cooperation, accountability, and team work.

  • Offering high quality customer service to all by meeting and exceeding expectations.

By fulfilling its purpose, the Office of Human Resources will serve to strengthen the core of Southeastern Conference ministries, build and sustain a high level of confidence with its constituents, but above all, extend the reach of the gospel of Jesus Christ within the territory of the Conference.