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Sheree Brown



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Sheree Brown was born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica. She attended the University of Technology, where she received her diploma in Accounting in 1998. Wanting a change and to further her education, she moved to the United States in 2000 to attend Oakwood College where she graduated with a B.S. Degree in Accounting in 2002. She also earned her MBA from the Tennessee State University in 2006.

Ms. Brown started working for the church as an auditing intern, working summers with the South Central Conference of SDA in Nashville Tennessee. It was through this experience she realized she wanted to do her part in God’s ministry, working for the church. Upon graduating Oakwood, she officially joined the team as a Business intern in 2003, working in the Conference’s Adventist Book Center (ABC).  After 10 years working in the ABC, she transitioned to the treasury department as the Senior Accountant. Still wanting to learn more, she moved to Dallas, Texas in 2015 to work as the Senior Accountant at the Southwest Region Conference of SDA. She was serving as the Assistant Treasurer when she received the call and accepted her newest assignment to be Treasurer/CFO of the Southeastern Conference of SDA in April, 2019.

Ms. Brown sees her auditing experience as an asset.  She refers to it as having an “auditor’s eye”, being diligent and detail oriented. She leads mainly by example, always doing her best, and encourages others to do the same. She is a lady of integrity and is direct and decisive when she needs to be. 

Ms. Brown is drawn to the elderly and to children. She loves the elderly because they have a lot of wisdom to share and she loves children because they are small and defenseless, and both need to be cared for and protected. She loves the warmth and joy of family, she enjoys traveling and in her spare time, gardening and crocheting takes the stage.

Shavonne Jones

Associate Treasurer
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Jay-Ann Brown

Accountant / Auditor
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Joann Bushner

Administrative Assistant
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Alberto Gomez

Senior Accountant
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Natacha D. Louissaint

Junior Accountant
Phone: Phone: (352) 735-3142 Ext. 128

Ministry Overview

The Treasury Department is committed to ensuring God’s money is being used responsibly to support the mission and goals of the Southeastern Conference and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. To help accomplish this, accurate data and statistics are kept to measure the financial strength and growth of the Southeastern Conference.


Mission: To receive and disburse funds to maximize kingdom impact with integrity and Christ-like customer service.