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Lesson Helps for March 28
Is God in control in morally questionable situations? This video from iBelieve Bible contrasts Jehosaphat and Ahab’s choices.
This week’s lesson is about King Jehosaphat seeking to do what is right in God’s eyes. Visit our website to find this week’s Cornerstone Connections student lesson and teacher’s guide, audio chapter from Royalty and Ruin, lesson plans, resources, and application ideas. Choose one or both lesson plans:

  1. Whose Word Is It Anyway? – Who should we listen to? The answer may seem obvious, but the people in this story may have had a different perspective.
  2. Wisdom Warrior – Whatever we put into our brains makes some type of impression, whether for good or for evil. Jehoshaphat was a good leader because he studied God’s law and asked for God’s help.
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4 Easy Ideas for Adapting Youth Sabbath School During COVID-19
By Eddie Heinrich, Youth Director for the Northern California Conference
Technology makes it easy to adapt your Sabbath School class during social distancing. Check out these 4 options for ideas on how you can get started:

  1. Zoom allows you to set up and host an unlimited number of meetings for up to 100 people for free. The meetings can only last 40 minutes, but you can schedule two back to back meetings or pay a small monthly fee for unlimited time. Visit to get started.
  2. Facebook Live allows you to stream over Facebook to people all over the world. Anyone can join you! Log into your Facebook account and click on “Live” to get started.
  3. Instagram Live is another great option for reaching your Sabbath School class. To begin, log into Instagram, begin a story, and select “Live.”
  4. Facetime is a great option for a small youth groups. You can call all your group members at the same time for a chat. It is a bit limiting since it works only with Apple products, but this means you’ll have an opportunity to collect everyone’s contact information.